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Happiness is a Direction
Not a Destination

A Revolutionary Idea

A new truth promises to revolutionize how you live and work: You’re entitled to be happy. Right now. You don’t have to wait. In fact, you shouldn’t delay.

The Secret

It’s a truth revealed by an ever-expanding body of scientific research. It’s a truth that exposes the secret to both individual and organizational success: happiness. Yes, happiness. It’s a revolutionary discovery that counters conventional wisdom. Happiness doesn’t depend on achieving certain arbitrary milestones like wealth or status or awards or job titles. In fact, the opposite is true. Happiness is an ongoing state of mind, a way of thinking necessary for sustained success.

It’s In Your Hands (Your Brain Really)

The idea is powerfully simple. Most successful people and organizations put happiness first, realizing that only then will success follow. But attaining true happiness isn’t quite so simple. First you, quite literally, must change your mind.


The good news: it’s all within your control. Cutting-edge neuroscientific research confirms that we all possess the ability to wire and rewire our brains for happiness.

Meet Dr. Jay Kumar

That’s the powerful—and empowering—idea behind our company. We share a variety of tools, techniques and insights for tapping this remarkable reservoir of human potential.

The Latest

Grandfather and granddaughter“Love is a frequency, you’ve got to stay tuned in to receive it!” (Click to Tweet)

Latest discoveries indicate that the human heart is more than just an organ that pumps blood into your body. Your heart is actually a “mini-brain” with its own set of neurons that sends signals to your brain. So it turns out the old saying: “Follow your heart” is actually true.

The big surprise coming out of science is that the human heart actually emits an electro-magnetic field of energy extending a few feet around your body. You probably are aware of the “mind-body” connection, but medical research is beginning to advance the existence of a “heart-brain” link. What’s even more remarkable is that when the neurons in your heart are firing, the heart emits a powerful field around your body. Here’s the amazing part, this energy field produced by your heart is almost a thousand times more powerful than the one around the brain.   Imagine that! Your heart IS actually more powerful than your brain. This medical breakthrough now makes it possible to understand how different emotions we feel actually produce different frequencies within the body.

Preliminary findings now indicate that emotions of love, joy and compassion produce stronger and more coherent fields around the human body than the emotional frequencies of sadness, fear and anger. Pretty amazing stuff, don’t you think?

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Nature“Expressing gratitude for your abundance in the present is key for abundance continuing in your future.”  (Click to Tweet)

Among all the emotions humans are capable of expressing, brain scans show us that gratitude appears to be the one that most easily and instantly makes us feel happy!

So, how exactly does gratitude make us happy and healthy?

When we express gratitude, it’s as if the brain immediately stepped on the “emotional brakes” and suddenly, the emotions of sadness, self-pity or stress that were driving us, are slowed. From the perspective of neuroscience, another part of the brain that fires when we give thanks is the left pre-frontal cortex, a region just above our left eye, that brain scans correlate with feelings of contentment, meaning and self-worth.

Gratitude also has a powerful social benefit. It helps us to feel more connected to others. Just saying the simple words “Thank you” can lift us out of our own individual concerns and serve to remind us of the joy and happiness that others bring to in our life. Expressing gratitude not only benefits the recipient of our appreciation, but oneself.

To express my gratitude to you, please accept this free download, “Ten Truths for Getting Happy”.

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 “Change your thoughts, change your brain, change your life!”   (Click to Tweet)

We all want to feel younger, be happier and live life to its fullest. Many of us follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but we still feel burdened by stress, anxiety or sadness. Is it even realistic in this day and age to achieve authentic health and happiness? Yes, it is! What if you could, in as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day, dramatically lower stress? Even better, what if these tools enabled you to boost your sense of happiness and improve your overall health?

This is more than spiritual wisdom, it’s also science fact.  The secret sits at the intersection of groundbreaking 21st century neuroscience and timeless spiritual wisdom. It’s so revolutionary that most health gurus, fitness experts or lifestyle celebrities don’t yet know how to tap into it. But when you do, cutting-edge research on the brain suggests it could have a greater impact on the quality of your health and happiness than any workout, vitamin or diet. Even better, you already have all the tools you need to embark on this transformational journey.

For some great tips on cultivating greater health and happiness starting today,  please enjoy this free download.

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DJK 37

“The road to success all begins by changing the direction of your thoughts.” (Tweet to Share Some Happiness)

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gratitude brain

It’s amazing how more research affirms that our experiences, thoughts, and actions can physically alter our brain structure and, in turn, our health and happiness, for better or for worse! Enjoy discovering the latest ways you can begin to Engage Your Brain for Greater Health in my latest newsletter.  [click to continue…]

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PNAS Body Emotions

AMAZING! A remarkable new study for the first time shows how various emotions are expressed differently in the body. Bright colors (red and orange) represent greater blood flow and activity in the body. Guess which emotion is the most powerfully felt in your entire body and why it’s so important? [click to continue…]

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“Nature doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi signal, but you’re guaranteed to have a strong connection!”   (Click to Tweet )

Does the following situation sound familiar? The alarm jolts you out of sleep at 6 a.m. You wake up feeling exhausted but counter it with a jolt of caffeine. You quickly shower, dress, scarf down breakfast, and rush to school or work only to stew in traffic. If much of this resembles your life, you’re not alone. Some researchers suggest the reason that stress has become the malady of modern life and that we suffer from brain-fatigue is the result of “Nature-Deficit Disorder.” Never heard of it? A growing body of research proposes that we as a society are becoming more and more disconnected from the healing power of nature. [click to continue…]

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DJK 26

Hello, iQers! It was a pleasure speaking to you all at your annual retreat. Thank you for allowing me to help you FIND YOUR H-SPOT! Please enjoy the digital podcast of the talk, along with the accompanying Prezi.

Lastly, always remember: “No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you truly are!” (Click to Tweet Some Happiness) [click to continue…]

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Quote of the Week

“No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you are!” —Dr. Jay Kumar