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Our workshops offer science-based insights that promise to transform how you live and work that translate emerging insights from brain science into easy-to-follow steps that make it possible for you to take charge of your own happiness. Register below to reserve your spot for this one-of-kind, instructor-led seminar. Our next workshop will begin in 2019

From surviving to thriving

Part of our “Happiness Strategy” Workshop Series

The demands of career, school, kids, relationships, finances and more can seem overwhelming. In this unique, engaging seminar, Dr. Jay provides practical tools and powerful insights from emerging brain science to help you face life’s many challenges with greater skill and resilience. Dr. Jay will help you discover how to channel your mind, body and spirit for improved health and happiness.

Only in the past 10-15 years have doctors and researchers been able to peer directly inside the human brain in real-time without using a scalpel. Cutting-edge neural-imaging devices now make it possible to explore the uncharted territory of the human brain. These discoveries are upending many long-held beliefs about human behavior, emotions and health.

We’ve found that nature has wired the human brain for happiness. But why do so many of us go through life feeling depressed, stressed, lonely or sad? Why do some of us turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs or alcohol? In many cases, we’ve never been taught how to harness the brain’s innate potential for happiness. But there’s good news. We all possess the ability to sculpt the brain to change our minds  our lives. This workshop will show you how!

Using this research, Dr. Jay and the Applied Brain Science Research Institute have developed a 21st century model to unleash authentic health & happiness. We provide a richer, more expansive approach than traditional methods, drawing on the revelatory insights of timeless spiritual traditions as well as cutting-edge neuroscience.

Date: Coming Soon in 2019
Time: 10am-2pm
Where: 2101 East Coast Highway, Ste. 100, Corona Del Mar, California
Cost: $295
Instructor: Jay Kumar

How to register

Follow the link below to reserve your spot for our upcoming ABSRI workshop: From Surviving to Thriving: Harnessing Brain Science for Authentic Happiness.

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Quote of the Week

“No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you are!” —Dr. Jay Kumar