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Finding Your Happy During the Holidays

While you all seek to enjoy a “Happy Holiday,” let’s face it, the Holidays for many can generate unwanted stress and anxiety. During the Holidays 40% of Americans feel greater psychological and emotional stress. Do you know what the top Holiday stressors are?

Time and money!

It probably comes as no surprise that during the Holidays the pressure of buying gifts and the anxiety juggling commitments with friends and family can compound on to your already hectic life—leading to more anxiety and depression. But, there’s hope for the Holidays.

As outlined in my new book Science of a Happy Brain: Thriving in the Age of Anger, Anxiety, and Addiction,  the key to coping with Holiday stress is to remember where your real happiness resides—the quality of your relationships, the richness of your social bonds, and your greater purpose in life.

Your happiness isn’t measured by buying presents, but by being present with those who enrich your life with love, comfort, and joy. These are the real gifts in your life that allow you to find your “Happy” during the Holidays. Learn more at www.ScienceofaHappyBrain.com

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Jay
Your Happiness Professor

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Quote of the Week

“No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you are!” —Dr. Jay Kumar