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It’s OK to Feel Joy Right Now

It’s now been a year since the COVID crisis. Many of us, myself included, have endured a year of isolation, grief, and loss from the pandemic. So, it’s normal to feel a sense of exhaustion and fatigue. But with the arrival of spring and a renewed sense of hope on the horizon from more of us getting vaccinated, is it safe for us to start feeling happy and optimistic? Yes, it is!

In this timely New York Times piece that I was recently interviewed for and mentioned in, it’s OK to feel joy right now. As the article rightfully states:

“Spring is the season of optimism. With it comes more natural light and warm weather, both great mood boosters, and some of our most hopeful religious holidays: Easter, Passover, the Hindu festival of Holi and Nowruz, the Persian new year that celebrates springtime and renewal.” It’s precisely why more of us are really feeling genuinely joyous — it’s what your brain wants right now.

Enjoy learning more in the article It’s OK to Feel Joy Right Now.

Dr. Jay Kumar “Your Happiness Professor”
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Author, Science of a Happy Brain
Instructor, “Investing in Happiness” (GenConnectU online course)

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Quote of the Week

“No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you are!” —Dr. Jay Kumar