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Our Purpose

happy young business  man work in modern office on computerMission

We help companies and individuals channel happiness for long-term success. We define happiness as more than just a fleeting sensation—it’s an absolute state of living and working aligned with our purpose, fueled by our passion and infused with meaning in all areas of life.


We believe that investing in happiness creates the foundation for a more compassionate, tolerant, integrated global society—one that works more successfully on all fronts, from families and friendships to politics and business. To do so, we synthesize the latest scientific research and academic expertise with ancient wisdom to create practical tools and relevant teachings for corporations, organizations, schools, governments and households.


We all have the capability for happiness. We educate, empower and engage others to foster happiness for success. Our team lives and embodies these teachings in work, play, love and life.

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Quote of the Week

“No external conditions are required for happiness. Happiness is who you are!” —Dr. Jay Kumar