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Happy Brain Quiz

Curious to learn which of the 4Cs (Comfort, Contribution, Connection, or Compassion) your Happy Brain thrives on most?

Take our “Happy Brain” Quiz to find out.

1.I tend to internalize my problems and struggles rather than seeking out others for support and advice.
2.Aside from family members or romantic partners, I have at least two people whom I consider to be my “best friends” that I speak to weekly
3.I try to engage in any of the following activities at least once a week: volunteer, smile at people passing on the street, hold the door for others, say “thank you” to the cashier when shopping.
4.I find little to no value and engagement in my work and career.
5.I’m generally a tolerant and open-minded person when it comes to people who hold different beliefs and values than myself?
6.I would opt for a new job that pays $100,000 a year—but brings me no joy—over a job paying $90,000 that offers me a deep sense of contentment.
7.I find a sense of peace and calm from one or more of the following activities on a daily basis: meditation, prayer, being in nature, practicing gratitude, or some form of spiritual practice.
8.I prefer keeping in touch with my friends online rather than in person.
9.I wake up every day feeling a sense of purpose and meaning in my life.
10.I pride myself for maintaining a regular exercise program, getting adequate sleep, and eating healthily.
11.I interact in some positive and beneficial way with my neighbors or those in my community at least once a week.
12.When I’m in a hurry to get somewhere—but I see a stranger or a homeless person on the street in need of immediate help—my first reaction is to move on, thinking that it’s not my problem.
13.I feel depressed or a sense of low self-worth after spending time on social media.
14.When I retire (or if I’m already in retirement), I look forward to engaging in activities that allow me to learn and grow as a person.
15.I tend to find the goodness and kindness in others.
16.My friends and loved ones can count on me to provide them with support and advice when experiencing grief and sadness.

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