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To Tribe Is to Thrive

Humans are social creatures. Your brain is wired from birth for connection.

Studies suggest that having a strong social network, or tribe, is associated with better health and well-being.

These studies indicate that having a robust and rewarding social life has multiple health benefits such as: lower stress levels, better mental and physical health, stronger cardiovascular health, and improved illness recovery to name a few.

As I discuss in my new book Science of a Happy Brain, It is more important than ever in today’s “Age of Disconnection” and the growing health crisis of social isolation, to engage in the Social Strategy of Connection in order to experience your Happy Brain.

Social media is not a replacement for meaningful face-to-face social interactions and promotes a lifestyle of psychological individualism and a culture of social isolationism.

Young people are particularly at risk for experiencing the damaging effects of loneliness when many become reliant on social media and fall into the “Disease of Despair.”

Neurobiology affirms that a contributing factor for long-lasting happiness is achieved through tribe and social bonding. Reports indicate that even small social exchanges like “micro-interactions” with a stranger, such as a friendly hello to someone in an elevator, can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Everyone should be looking for opportunities to engage with others because your brain is wired to connect, and your health will benefit as a result!

Read more on the benefits of spending time with friends in this Time Magazine article.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Calm. Stay Connected.

Dr. Jay
Your Happiness Professor
Author, Science of a Happy Brain
Online Course: “Investing in Happiness”
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